07 Dec


A house just isn’t a home without animals, and I must admit I’m a bit animal mad. I have a bison in the loo, parrots perched on fireplaces, pelicans on my bar cart, golden crocodiles adorning the dining table and lurchers keeping guard in the garden. That’s not to mention my two favourite animals of course – the M’s! Maybe a bit nuts? Possibly but you know what, these pieces always provoke a smile and to me that is priceless.


Our homes should make us happy, and we shouldn’t take things too seriously. I’ve always been the biggest fan of animal accessories (from lamps and cushions to our latest metallic menagerie) and I’ll continue to champion them way after the trends have moved on! Otherwise it all just feels a little too contrived, wrong, too snooty, every space needs a little quirk, and there’s no better way to do that than with animals I reckon.


I think animals are the loveliest, fun thing to gift for people who are into interiors (or probably all animal lovers actually). My favourite Christmas present ever was a concrete penguin lamp that Gem got me – weirdest thing is that I’d got her the exact same one! (What are sisters for, right?). He’s still proudly on display in both our pads, and bearing in mind this was donkey’s years ago. Truly a gift that’s for life, not just for Christmas! Here are some of our favourite quirky-cute animal accessories – sure to enliven any space with a dash of tongue in cheek humour:


PS: Have you tried out our Christmas quiz yet? It’s packed with ideas for whoever you’re buying for.screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-12-25-06

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