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We have the perfect solution for that friend who regularly blows their budget on bouquets, or is struggling to keep their house plants alive. Introduce them to fauxs! Before you run for the hills, hang on in there and let me make the case as to why these are the perfect prezzie. We’re determined to shake up any snooty preconceptions about artificial flowers, so we reckon our beautiful fauxs deserve all the same love and attention as the real thing. If you pop into our Abigail Ahern Flowers store in Heal’s, you’ll find our professional florists who will be able to whip up a bespoke bouquet for anyone on your gift list. Such a great, thoughtful present even if I do say so myself – everyone likes receiving flowers and they’re even better if they last all year!

Why not let them take all the work out of christmas shopping for you?You can give our florists full creative reign, or have them make anything up to your specifications – whether your friend loves seasonal foliage and winter white roses, or deep plum peonies. Sorted. Or if you’re buying for someone who’s more of a cactus guy, we’ve got tons of realistic looking cacti and succulents to dress up a bachelor pad (or any pad, come to that!).

Our botanicals hit all price points, from Secret-Santa-on-a-budget up to our oversized giant cacti or a fabulously OTT bouquet if you want to really make a statement. Add a vase for major brownie points, and you’re sorted…


PS: Have you tried out our Christmas quiz yet? It’s packed with ideas for whoever you’re buying for.

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