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Game changing tricks

Our living area on the lower ground floor is about to have a bit of an overhaul. My new own label sofa finally arrives this weekend (no idea where I am going to put it mind), plus I’m swapping out the dining table for something a little bigger, plusplus my new paintings should arrive any day for the double height wall so it’s all change! I’ll get a before & after up on the blog for you guys.

With the holidays fast approaching and us all flinging open the doors to guests and relatives, now really is the time to step up our game with some tricks that will transform living rooms. It’s where we all spend the most time after all. So short of buying new sofas, artwork and tables all at once like I’ve done (might have got a bit carried away) here’s how to create that wow factor:

Abigail Ahern cactus collection

Embrace the jungle trend

I have and its totally and utterly changed the feel of my den area. Plants and flowers real or faux bring rooms alive, make them feel more relaxed and make them appear cooler, edgier and a lot more wow than they really are. Clever clever plants!


Go overboard with lighting

Add a cool lamp to a little area and bingo you’ve suddenly brought it alive. Jean-Louis Deniot is an amazing French interior designer whose book I bought recently, and whose out-of-this-world apartment we shot for COLOUR. In his book he suggests at least 8 lamps in any one room. I’ve kind of doubled that and got 16 in my lower ground floor! But then it’s a big area so if you broke it down into rooms it would probably be about 8… ish. Maybe.


Light a fire

My one criteria for buying a house (and even when we were renting in the US actually), is that it has to have a working fire. Flickering flames and cosy evenings as the light goes down – it’s pure magic. Nothing better!


Create a bar

You don’t need a bar cart, any old table or shelf will do. There is something intrinsically comforting about a bar at home, and you’re always ready to entertain! I’ve got tons more ideas about creating your own home bar herehere and here too (bit obsessed to say the least).


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