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As any girl (or boy) knows style has absolutely nothing to do with money, so limited funds needn’t mean limited ideas. To me its all about reinventing your space and giving it a jolt of personality that turns it from faded to fabulous and all without breaking the bank.

Something that adds instant personality is filling your pad with books and magazines, they provide no better story of you. They bring walls, floors and shelves alive creating an totally informal makeshift library.

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Piles of books and magazines stashed in alcove shelves add a colourful layer of interest.

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Books and magazines arranged beautifully in orderly stacks according to size and colour also provide great plinths for displaying treasured keepsakes.

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Records add an eclectic touch and enliven this nook – its all about visual juxtaposition. Its personal, artistic and anything but static.

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