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Getting Personal

The fabulous thing about interiors right now is that any style goes. Retro, modern, traditional, anything goes. Yes certain styles are in and certain styles are out just like fashion and its easy to get caught up in all that, even easier if you happen to be a buyer – but the real goal of a home, is to make it your own.

As a retailer I should say the pressure is inescapable to buy into this or that trend, to stand for something recognizable and in line with what everybody else is doing. It takes confidence and it takes guts to stand above all that and only buy what I happen to love.  When I first entered this industry I also brought into trends just like everybody else, it was only through confidence, age and experience that I found my own voice. Finding your own voice is the point of todays post. Homes should look like their owners, just like dogs are supposed to do?

2 m'sDo mine, really?

Interior design seems to be this profession that everyone wants to get into (glam, interesting, takes you round the world) and yes it does do all that. AND YET the thing not to loose sight of is making a space personal. To make a pad personal I look to the past as well as the future, I’m inspired by gentleman’s drinking dens, library’s, 50’s Hollywood I take inspiration from historical sources and reinterpret them adding and embellishing my own vibe. The most important thing to me is to create interiors that are enduring, timeless non gimmicky – that will stand the test of time will never be in or out. I don’t care what other people think of my style, the only thing that matters is – have I created a home that I’m happy to live in and the answer to that is YES.

My pad below (photography Graham Atkins Hughes)


HH_008_0149-001(1) copy



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