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Today is an extra exciting house crush, because we get to introduce a new convert to the dark side. Whoop! Aimee has been experimenting with dark hues in her home and lucky it looks fab (obviously) and she’s so pleased with the results that she’s sharing them with us in a house crush post. I love her hallway – no surprises there because it’s actually the same colour as mine (snap!) – but also her clever DIY ideas, lighting tricks, vignettes and especially Archie the pug. In our Q&A she revealed her epiphany moment coming over to the dark side, as well as ideas for really stylish, achievable makeovers that everybody can pull off. Check out her continued experiments with the dark side on her profile at{Aimee Kilford}.

Thank you Aimee for your photos, and most of all for your very kind words. Too sweet of you – I’m actually going to have to swear that you weren’t paid to say such things! (Honest promise).

Welcome to my pad. It’s a Victorian terraced house. I live with my husband Ollie and our pug Archie in the heart of Salisbury, Wiltshire. It’s a beautiful and historical city. We love to go for walks in the summer evenings along the cobbled streets near the cathedral. There is such a variety of different style of houses and interiors that I can’t help sneaking a glimpse through the windows as we pass by. We are close to the Wiltshire countryside too so we have the best of both worlds. Many a weekend is spent on leisurely walks admiring the views of Laverstock Down, away from the hustle and bustle.

My style in 5 words… eclectic, traditional, rustic, bold and I’m a bit of a magpie. (Much to the dismay of my mother and now my husband! I confess I’m a born hoarder and collector. I love a bit of everything really.)


My favourite room is: believe it or not it has to be our hallway, an unusual choice perhaps but it really sets the vibe for the rest of our home as it's been dipped in Abigail's Mulberry Red and oh how glad I am that I chose that colour! It's like a cosy blanket wrapping around you as you walk through the door at the end of a long day. This is the second room to venture fully over to the dark side. I've gone the whole hog and painted everything out the same colour. The walls, the ceiling and the woodwork.

When we moved in it was white and bare with purple paisley carpet and a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Welcoming was not a word I would have used to describe it. It doesn't get much natural light. So the only thing for it was to embrace the dark and paint it all out in one rich hue. Now it feels so grand and a much more interesting space, somewhere you want to linger a while without feeling that you have to rush through. I love it!


Top styling tips: change it up and shop your home. I do it all the time! It's great because you don't need to spend money and it can be quite a fun challenge. I find my taste in things is always changing or evolving so just get stuck in and hands on with up cycling something you've perhaps owned for ages, but you've grown bored of and change it. Always remember that another person's junk could be your treasure. I said I was a bit of a magpie....I can't say no to things people are throwing away. 

Proudest DIY moment: I am going to have to say that my latest project of wallpapering our staircase in our hallway is my proudest achievement to date. I've wallpapered the risers with my favourite wallpaper. I only had a small amount to work with, so I had to measure everything carefully and accurately (all a bit mathematical which I am not in the slightest) but I managed it and even if I do say so myself it turned out great and adds a real interest to an otherwise boring space. 

Worst decorating disaster: I bought expensive paint for a room without getting a test pot and then I realised I hated it big time and I wanted to change it straight away. Needless to say my husband wasn't too happy and I felt an idiot so my advice now is always get a tester and paint a massive swatch on the wall so you can see it in all lights. 



Biggest interiors breakthrough: it was probably about a year or so ago that I was browsing through Pinterest and Flickr and I kept noticing several photos of really cool, dark interiors and after a while I found out they were all photos of Abigail's home. So I followed her blog and rushed out to buy her book Decorating With Style and read it cover to cover. I'm the type of person who knows what they like when they see it and seeing all these dark inky colours, cool art, lighting and plants did it for me. I was enticed to the dark side and I've never looked back. Did I mention that I'm addicted to Pinterest? It's my guilty pleasure that I'm obsessed with and takes up too much of my time. It gives so much inspiration for creative projects to get stuck into for my home. Creativity = happiness for me.




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