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Hang out at Jenny’s

I’m really excited to share today’s house crush with you, because it shows how much can be achieved even in a short period. Jenny moved into her pad only about 18 months ago, but since then she’s been a whirlwind of activity decorating the whole thing top to bottom. I often find that after all the boring, gruelling part of a renovation (think sanding, painting, replastering yuck yuck yuck) once the dust settles it takes ages for you to work up the energy for the fun stuff, what I’d call the proper decorating. I know it definitely did for me after we renovated our pad.

No such problems here as you can see – Jenny was right back to it switching up colour schemes, slapping cool murals up on the walls, gathering art collections, and scouring Kent for antiques finds. The result is tons of personality and the all important layered decorating look that I’m always banging on about. Best of all, Jenny says she really found her style groove once she went dark. Always, always thrilled to see another convert embracing the dark side! Enjoy the house tour guys, and if you want to see more of Jenny’s home please check out at{seasons in colour} on the website. Thank you so much for sharing your home Jenny, and good luck with the rest of your decorating adventures!

office detail

Welcome to my pad. It’s a 5-bed detached house, in a quiet cul-de-sac on top of a hill in South London. The house was rebuilt in the 80’s and had barely changed since, until we got our hands on it! The previous owners had both the front and back garden professionally landscaped though, which sealed the deal for us. We only moved in May 2014, although it feels like we’ve been here much longer. I live here with my husband and our 6 year old son.

My style in 5 words… Eclectic with (a) love of antiques.

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