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A couple of weeks ago I got to hang out with Todd Selby. I’ve been a fan of Todd’s for ages, I think his work is just magical. He manages to capture everything that I love and adore about interiors in his photography. Todd flew over from NY to hang out at home with me and Maud, along with a film crew filming him shooting me (make sense)?

Maud making friends with Todd

Maud making friends with Todd

We chatted in my pad, pottered around the garden, and I took Todd to Violet’s (my most favourite place in the world for lunch). Turns out it’s a very small world, as lo and behold he’s good buds with the owner Claire Ptak.


Taking the Merc for a spin

We went for a drive, in my new (but actually super old – 1968) Mercedes in the pouring rain. I couldn’t find the windscreen wipers and it was really bucketing down, so couldn’t see a thing. I probably scared the hell out of Todd, so I feel the need to apologise to him for that one.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 20.31.07

Todd hanging at my pad

Thank you so much for all the pictures, Todd! I love the way he captured the house, it’s all turned out great. I’ve shared the gardens pics here, but if you’d like to check out how Todd shot the house his whole feature is on The Selby website.

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