24 Dec

Happy Holidays

It’s the last day of blogging today as the whole team and I break for the a little over a week. We resume normal practice on January 3. The stores will be open of course just HQ is winding down, well not exactly winding down as there is a ton to do in between Christmas and New Year but I can do it in my pjs – which is rather blissful!

I’ll be on social of course although me in pjs with stacks of paperwork and strategy planning is not exactly something I’m guessing you will want to see?

I do plan on taking longer walks with the M’s though – in forests and parks and reading in the break. I haven’t read a novel for what feels like forever so any suggestions gratefully received. I’m tempted to re read I Am Pilgrim, I so loved the book and haven’t found anything as good since.Plus I’m hoping to get back into juicing, detoxing and counteracting everything I will have cooked and consumed over the next few days. Also I’ll be making lots of turmeric lattes which are my most favourite winter drink in the world (fresh turmeric grated, fresh ginger grated, coconut butter, teaspoon of coconut sugar, warmed almond milk). Whizz it all up a nutri bullet and drink – its delish.

Just leaves me to say a couple of housekeeping things – the stores all re-open the day after Boxing Day, (we close today at 3pm in our faux cabin at Heal’s and in Islington at 4pm) but resume normal business on the 27.th.  The other big news is that we are now officially on SALE (started just now) with lots of bargains to be had, online and in store.

Happy holidays and a very big thank you to all you guys for popping over here every day and being such an integral part of my life.


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