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Happy Homes

A big thank you to everyone who attended Design School on Saturday. It was such a fun-inspiring day that I didn’t want it to end. Thank you guys.

I was reading recently that the design of your home totally and utterly affects your overall happiness. Houzz did a survey on over 6000 people and a whopping 87 % said the design of their space contributes to their overall happiness. Music to my ears!

Apparently it’s got nothing to do with money so you don’t have to be saving for that Picasso sketch any time soon. All it takes are large windows and comfy furniture at least that is what the survey through up! Men so the survey goes are twice more likely to derive happiness from a big screen TV. Funny no, that would make me the most depressed.

We are happiest in our living rooms, which makes sense followed by our kitchens. I think actually its one of the reasons I am so obsessed with interiors – good design can and does make us happier. I know it makes me happier and more creative. Take my studio as an example – before I had this space I was upstairs working in the smallest of  rooms on the top floor in a pretty much blank space. One day walking through  the house I thought how crazy is this to  have rooms that were more or less neglected and unused. So I relocated my studio to the ground floor and its one of the best decisions I have made. I hang out here more than any other space in the house, and I love it the most.  I furnished it as I would a living room, I put in great lighting, a bookcase, chairs by the fire, rugs. It cocoons and inspires me.  I burn essential oils all day, have music on it makes me happy simple as that. We are emotional beings, we think with our hearts more than I heads at least I know I do. So when you create a connection with objects and buy stuff that you love it’s a no brainer that its going to make you happy right.

Food for thought on this early Monday morning hey!. I’m going to hit the gym – which doesn’t make me so happy.


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