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I love January. I say it every year, but I love that feeling of a new year. Wiping the slate clean, recalibrating, drilling into what’s been successful (and what hasn’t) both professionally and personally. I like the soft grey skies. I could swim in that sky above, and I love love love the light. Especially as its getting lighter by 2 minutes 15 seconds each day! Yes, I’m counting.

Most of all, I like pressing the re-set button. I like making lists of objectives and goals for the business – taking our own-label to dizzying heights is the plan for 2016. For me personally, I would also like to make the space for a bit more downtime. I like taking action and changing things up.

For January, a while back the team and I brainstormed topics that we thought we should run throughout the whole of January for the blog. I wanted a theme to run with this month and after much back and forth we decided upon “details” – the 5-minute facelift of the decorating world, as I like to say!

For the whole month we’ll be focusing on details like art, lamps, rugs, hardware, mirrors, flowers, scent, cushions, vases, flowers, books… all those things that, however small, play an integral part in making your space super cool. How to style them, where to buy them, secrets, tricks – basically the low down.

Personally I happen to think a lot of people stop decorating too soon but for me the more details I add the more interesting my space becomes! Oh and I say this all the time but having a stylish home is very little about having heaps of money. Most of these are things you already own, but I want to help you learn how to deploy them to their full effect. Money truly doesn’t equal style – you only need to flick through glossy photos of expensive homes or hotels in some high end publications the world over, to see how devoid of character they are.

Add some details and watch your interior transform – the more you add like I’ve said above the more tantalising your pad will be. And who doesn’t want a pad that makes every jaw hit the floor?



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