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Hi all, thought you might want to come and explore this NYC pad with me! Looking right over the Hudson in downtown New York, the apartment belongs to gallery owner, art lover and all round cool it-girl Andi Potamkin. As you might expect from someone who owns not one but two NYC galleries, there’s tons of art pieces and cool touches everywhere you look. If you’re stuck on how to tackle a gallery wall, her dining room/living space is massively inspiring.

It’s not just art though – there’s amazing lighting, personal collections on display, confident colour, an abundance of textural elements and probably the most snuggly inviting bed I’ve ever seen. Her whole bedroom (make that whole pad actually) manages to combine boudoir glam with comfort, so it’s just the sort of place you can imagine kicking off your shoes and unwinding after a long day. (Not only has she got a gorgeous bedroom, but a pretty envy-inducing wardrobe too! You can check out her desert-inspired wedding outfits in a recent click list post.) Enjoy!

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