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How to be more successful

Turn over any newspaper and you’ll read about tough retail conditions: More American stores are closing down than ever before, how the mall is dead yadda, yadda, yadda
All of which, are true and I’m certainly not trying to diminish it – I just happen to think you can’t get caught up in the doom and gloom, you have to rise above it. To be successful takes work. We all know that to become mega successful you need too be focused and believe in what you’re doing.

These are my top tips to be more successful:


Ditch the notion of doing something for wealth and instead build a business based around your absolute obsession. I will go as far as saying it’s the most valuable tool you will have. Find out what yours is and embrace it.


Retail is changing – when I started off I would quite simply fling open the door, people would wander in and that was pretty much it. Today’s landscape is so different, the old way of retailing is long gone. You now need to create a cool website have a team of Web Managers, Digital Content Editors, Graphic Designers and Photographers on board. More product drops then ever, a changing homepage (we change ours every two weeks), weekly mail shots, daily content on social. It’s fast paced but you have to adapt, if you don’t adapt you’re out and done before you really know it!


Things will get tough, I can’t tell you enough how bumpy I have had it along the way, and the bigger you get the more problems you have. I go back to my obsession point – when you are obsessed with something you don’t easily quit, you will do anything to keep it going. We’ve all been there just stay strong and don’t give up.


You don’t accomplish anything by going it alone and keeping it to yourself. Lean on others, talk to others because sometimes other people will bring ideas to the table that you hadn’t even thought of.

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