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How to be more successful in business

For off: Reframe negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

It’s easy to get negative when you own your own biz. Mistakes get made all the time, and no one ever phones you up to tell you how amazing and fantastic you are. They usually only phone you to complain and tell you what you’re doing wrong. Which, can have an affect subconsciously, if not consciously. Now, I’ve always been a glass-half-full-kind-of-girl. I immediately take the positive side as opposed to the negative side – always been like it and probably always will. I’m totally putting this down to yoga. It’s like its retraining my brain chemistry and improving my mood. Here are a few of my pointers to keep you going…


Thinking you will get famous, or rich are not really sustainable enough motives to be in the game. Why are you in the game by the way? Ask yourself that question. Remember, people are buying into why you’re doing something, not necessary what you doing. Lets talk coffee – everyone sells coffee right, but only certain coffee stores have cult followings and are super-successful. I have coffee at Monmouth every weekend in Borough Market; yet I have coffee stores on the doorstep that I could pop to in a second. Why travel for 20 minutes to go sip a coffee that’s over in 5 minutes? Well, it’s because they’ve hooked me with their single estate coffees and single estate milks and their baked goods. I’ve brought into the ambience and passion and how they make me feel in their environment. They differentiate and stand out in a sea of others.


I look back a year ago and wonder why I made certain decisions – not necessary the right ones in some cases. The deeper I question myself the wiser I become and in the process I get to understand myself better. I ask questions all the time now, and in so doing I find that I’m considering so many more possibilities than ever before.


Aside from yoga changing the way I see the world, I always reflect on the past week on the weekends. In the week its impossible, things happen at break neck speed and I’m running here there and everywhere. On the weekend when the team aren’t here I take longer walks with the M’s and run through the issues in my head, so I have a heightened state of awareness. More than ever before I analyse all the good, all the bad and become better each week at this crazy biz called retail!

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