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Someone once told me being a successful retailer is 90% maths, 5% creativity and 5% luck. Flash back 10 years ago, and there would have been no way I would have agreed, it would have depressed the hell out of me to think that the bulk of what I would be doing was 90% maths. Now, it’s a different story, and I 100% agree. It is all about the maths and the strategies and the creativity side, which is still there but side lined to intense periods.

It’s since I’ve changed my mind-set and endorsed the 90% math scenario that more opportunities have arisen. Strange right. I happen to think you can create your own luck, and the best bit of advice I can give to you is that if you don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone you will never know the extent of your abilities.

Since we launched our wholesale business we have had more opportunities than ever before. Simply because we’ve put ourselves out there, taken huge risks, been versatile and not stayed stuck in the mud.

What’s really helped me is too stay in the present. Even though I am one for dwelling on the past. I can’t and don’t get fixated on things that haven’t worked out like deals or bad hires – they are beyond my control. All I can do is make sure I don’t go back down that route.

I truly believe that if you work hard you can create luck. Luck isn’t something that randomly happens, more it’s about learning where to find an opportunity. I constantly push and strive for the moon, set goals, which are tough and work hard towards my big dreams.

Oh, and the biggest tip I can give you is that you’re never done. There is no finish line. So never stop learning and continuing to learn and know that you will never get things 100% right.

That may seem negative, but it’s not. You do your best to get it right and then you do it over again to get it better. That is the cycle of growth. The only reason we’re not swamped by competition is because what we do is hard. If it ever gets easy – that tidal wave of competition will wash us away, and as much as I don’t really want to say this, I don’t see it getting any easier. EVER!

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