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How to go from dreaming to doing

How exactly do you go from dreaming about starting a business to actually launching one? Change is a scary thing and we (me included) constantly put barriers up like saying we’re too busy, too tired, don’t have the time, money, lifestyle you name  it there are a lot of external roadblocks we put in the way that hold us back. Someone once told me ‘we all have the same amount of hours in our days, from the president to the postman’. How true is that. It’s how you utilise them that counts. If we really truly want to do something no excuses should hold us back. Anyways what’s the alternative, doing nothing! Staying in the same job, having the same life, not running any risks? Living a comfortably dissatisfied life forever because it’s purely safer! No siree!

To turn dreams into reality you need a plan. Try this out for an exercise. Write down and analyse in detail what exactly it is that is stopping you from pursing your dream right now. Then write down how you can overcome those excuses and beat the damn thing because I am here to tell you you can absolutely turn your dreams into a reality. You want a global business, go create one! Generally its not lack of skills that hold us back we are all adept at learning and learning quickly it’s a set of disempowering beliefs and excuses that stops us. And money can’t be one either especially if you start off online where you actually need very little money or experience. Anyone these days can open an online store you only have to do a quick search around to see that. So set aside some time, figure out a strategy and write a plan and then put all your focus and attention on how to create it. It’s not quite as simplistic as that sounds but that is your starting off point.

We’re all in this race called life so why not do something that makes you want to get up in the morning, that makes your heart pound just a little bit faster and makes you happy at the same time. I’m not saying I’m skipping around the studio on a daily basis, I mostly these days seem to be pulling my hair out (maybe that’s why its looking such a mess) but I couldn’t imagine doing anything different is what I’m saying. Like working for someone else and being told what to do rather than charting my own destiny.

So in a nutshell figure out

  • What is it you wish to do? What’s your dream?
  • What’s in the way of stopping you
  • Your Strategy. How will you move from where you are now to where you want to be
  • The Plan. Whilst your strategy is all about what you want to do your plan should be about how you will do it..

IF we didn’t take risks would we ever have figured out the world wasn’t flat for instance? Or learnt to fly? Don’t let yourself get away with any more excuses I say. Plus the best thing about going for it is the empowering feeling you get once you’ve crossed over from the procrastinating side to the doing side.

Like I said at the beginning of the year 2015 is the year to kick ass, so here’s to kicking some! We’ve got some seriously big plans in place, will they happen? Who knows but I am going out of my way, above and beyond to try and make them happen. If they don’t then I’ve tried, if they do happy days!



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