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I tell a lot of people in my classes that I never went about creating the style I’ve become known for, it just sort of found me if that makes any kind of sense. I didn’t sit down and think I want to marry masculine with feminine, rough with raw, dark with textural. Instead it happened over time intuitively.


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It’s hard to make your home in a space if you don’t know your style, so I’m here to help you figure it out. Zoom into what inspires you from favourite restaurants to cafes, to people on Instagram, to fashion designers, artists, gardening gurus, architects. Either create a mood board on your computer or tear out magazine pages that resonate with you and attach to foam core. Gather paint and wallpaper chips and include places that you’ve been or want to go to – forests, mountains, beaches, the desert. You will find a common thread I can assure you – room sets will evoke say the desert you’ve pulled, or furniture maybe the forest.

COLOUR by Abigail Ahern, photographer: Graham Atkins-Hughes

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You will start developing your own personal scheme and will start paying attention to everything from the room set of a movie to the colour of a tree.
You’ll find that you are onto something and it gets so addictive unleashing a bevy of inspiration and ideas, which you can use in your own pad. I hanker after polished pieces, comfy armchairs, weathered wood, marble, gold, industrial, luxe, boho. It’s not one look I mix things up but it’s my look. The best thing once you’ve figured out what you like is that decorating decisions become so much easier!


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