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How to make a difference in business

In order to be successful at business you need to have a point of difference in product but also in attitude. I’m not the most positive girl on the block (Gem will tell you that) but I have certain traits that have really helped my biz move on up. Here are a few:

Don’t compare yourself to others

Only worry about what you are doing. Hit your own goals and don’t waste a minutes time thinking about what others are doing.

Don’t grumble

Darn, I’m not sure why I am writing this because I grumble quite a lot (again ask Gem). The more time you spend moaning the less time you have to make things better. I need to heed these wise words!

Image: Bruno Cervera 

Have no grudges

Forgive I say or delete from memory any kind of grudge because having a grudge will constrict what you do, and who has got the time to go around life with a grudge?!

Don’t worry about pleasing people

Impossible task, don’t waste time on it, I say no more!

Challenge yourself

It’s easy to stay put but if you don’t challenge yourself you will never know what could have been. It could all go wrong but you’ve tried, and I would rather try than do nothing – how boring is that?! 

image: @craftedbygc

There is no luck

There will never be a lucky encounter that will propel your biz forward, so don’t be waiting around for it. No white knight or venture capitalist who just wanders in with money. Luck happens when you work hard and build something that people want. You create your own luck; you create a business that other people want to buy into. Work hard and things will happen.

Don’t wait for the right time

There is no right time. We launched a new biz and moved stores to a much bigger location in the same three months – seriously bad timing on my part because it's created the most stress, ever. I’m impatient, I didn’t want to wait a year to launch our wholesale biz. On reflection that was crazy but I’m in it now and opening a concession in Asia as a result – so it’s been tough but it’s also been amazing.

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