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Morning, before I kick start the day with a how to post I would like to thank my fabulous class on Saturday. I had so much fun so thank you guys for all being so great. Sunday whizzed by like a second, I swam, helped stack a big delivery of firewood in the garden, made the most yummy roasted carrot soup of all time (onion and carrots roasted, then whizzed up in a processor with coconut milk, dash of curry powder, coriander and lime) delish and then had settled down to read on the sofa for a few leisurely hours when an idea sprang into my head for the business. Straight out of know where and left of field.  So rather than reading and relaxing I started getting excited and researching and getting G involved and well lets just see, give me about three months I reckon maybe six if I get too tired in the evening and can’t research it enough. Shall keep you posted.

So lets talk bedrooms its where I should be right now, not getting excited about a venture I know nothing about!

Bedrooms should be like sanctuaries somewhere enticing, unique that make us feel cosseted and special, she says crawling up to bed without half the time even turning on any lights! Although I  made the mistake of watching The Fall in bed and now I have to have all the lights on – scary!

Go subtle with colour

Not pale obviously unless you are highly medicated (forgive that is unfair)! I want restful dark hues no shots of bright just comfortable, cosy, inky sludgy bottom of the lake type hues. Mid tones are fabulous I should say  I’ve found taupe, grey blue all fabulous but colour is personal as  I say all the time,  go with what you love and ignore anything I say on the matter!

Keep the furnishings simple

This is personal obviously but I am not a lover of freestanding wardrobes or chest of drawers or any of that stuff that house clothes. I’ve shoved everything behind a false wall  in my bedroom so I just get to see the  cool stuff. A large oil painting, comfy leather chair, a sideboard that houses a huge mirror and that is about it apart from a couple of bedsides and some beautiful rugs. Clutter doesn’t make you feel relaxed I find so mine is simple, sophisticated yet cosy.

Indulge in lux linens and throws

There is nothing more luxurious than walking into a bedroom with beautiful linens or throws, especially if at this time of year they are wooly or mohair or silk as the plushness adds to the luxury vibe.

Layer your lighting

Small lamps are key for mood and also imperative for tasks like reading , grooming etc. Not of course neglecting or forgetting soft general illumination which we all need. I’ve added a light over my painting which casts a beautiful glow, a floor lamp by my leather chair and a couple of oversized ones by the bedside. Nailed!

I’m off for another dark outdoor swim its a good place to think I’m finding this swimming obsession I have. I come back with all sorts of plans, not that they are always meet with joy. Hey ho! This beautiful picture of a bedroom by the way is designed by the very talented. Marie-Laure Helmkampf.



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