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Gardens are often perceived as quite hard to get right. We spend time and money on the inside where there are oodles of inspiration from blogs to mags to TV programmes but when it comes to outside we are all at sea! I should know, I neglected mine for a good 10 years before it really started to bug me. The inside looked beautiful but the outside looked so boring! Here are some tips that have turned my garden around, oh and I should say that I brought the same principles inside as I did out!



Big pots, big trees and a big table bring an instant statement to your garden. You don’t want everything to be perfectly proportioned, especially if the space is small as it emphasises even more of its bijou-ness!



One of my all time game changing tricks is to grow things high in my garden. I’ve got black bamboo, jasmine, bay trees, eucalyptus trees, an olive tree, a lilac tree, and a forced Acer tree... I could go on but I feel I will bore you! When you go tall you are blocking out unsightly houses, neighbour's rooms (sorry neighbours – taste level issues) and you are creating your own little world. I love not being able to see anyone, just green swaying branches.



I run them all across the garden, suspending them from trees along some wire, everywhere and anywhere. I’ve also grown a mile-a-minute across a wire suspended from one side of my garden to the other. Not only does it provide a lovely decorative element, it blocks out an unsightly extension from next door.



This is personal obviously but I rock a 'just gotten out of bed' vibe with interiors & fashion; nothing is manicured, glossy, groomed or too ‘done'. Everything is very relaxed - almost horizontal - and the same applies to my garden. I don’t want things nicely pruned, I like things to just grow in their shape and when I want them to grow fast, I tomato feed the hell out of everything!

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  • Abi on May 23, 2018

    I am a big fan of Russian Vines aka Mile A Minute and its fab to hear someone extolling their virtues! They grow ridiculously fast and the white flowers are so pretty. I’ve found they’re fine as long as you keep an eye on them and train them. Many years ago I allowed one to run riot during a period of neglecting my garden, only to be escorted by my neighbour to his garden where he angrily showed me his now full-of-russian-vine-shed. Great for impatient gardeners though!

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