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I am obsessed with cooking. I read recipe books at night like novels, and go to farmers' market weekly. In fact, most Saturday mornings you'll find me at either our local farmer's market or at Monmouth in Borough, drinking coffee at 7:30am with the two M's. Kid you not!

Image: @snapbythree






All of this means, of course, that I love my kitchen. I spend a lot of time in mine 0 it's a way pf unwinding at the end of the day or over the weekend. 

Kitchens are tough to get right because they have to be supremely practical. But, particularly if you yours is open plan, like mine, it is vital to embellish and add to this space or it will feel disconnected from the rest of your pad. 

If you're feeling confident, you could take the plunge and paint the while kitchen in an intoxicating hue, or paint out the units. It will give your kitchen an instant face-lift! Otherwise limit yourself to just one wall, a brightly coloured backsplash or just a handful of small accessories: funky coloured bar stools or a few bright vases, sculptures and platters can bring in lovely splashes of colour. 













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  • Hilda on April 05, 2018

    Love your style..ive been brave as you say and went with a hague blue in my kitchen. Many are trying to pursuade me to change but im sticking to my guns. Im in a townhouse and the kitchen doesnt get much natural light apart from the morning. Im in process of getting a new kitchen but im keeping things darks with units with warm wooden surfaces and bright backsplash. Love this shelf ! I might have to purchase..

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