24 Mar

In between spaces

I think we should embrace little nooks, passageways, corridors,  spaces in between far more than we do by enlivening them , giving them a bit of definition and  some star treatment if you like. Often times I find clients want to knock them through opening out the space except I am rather fond of such transitional spaces and like the idea of walking along a passageway or bumping into a little nook as it intrigues, inspires and leaves me full of expectation of what’s around the corner.

Best of all you can be totally adventurous dare I say even courageous since these areas are there to purely pass through.  Also may I say to this day I never quite understand why hallways are so often-neglected wouldn’t you think that the fist point of entry to a space should be the most fabulous and should shout , sing and dance Ta Da! I want to walk into a hallway that piques my interest  that sets a point of reference for the rest of the space – instead more often than not they are bland and under decorated.

Forgive if I am getting carried away lets get down to the facts – be daring go for some zany wallpaper, or a high voltage paint colour. Hang art, photos, shelves  or slap as I have done a super sized mirror on a teeny tiny console to add some Alice in Wonderland glamour. Enliven such spaces until your pulse rate quickens or your heart skips a beat , focus on some  trailblazing, idiosyncratic, eclectic  ideas and then I will be a happy girl. Promise!

A multi layered space which tantalises the eye.

Shelves are fabulous in transitional areas – this beautifully curated collection of finds can be seen 7th floor Bergdorf Goodman, NY.

A passageway also 7th floor Bergdorf Goodman – the high voltage hue on the walls brings the space alive.

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