25 Oct


As we gravitate towards indoors our eyes focus on all the things that need to be done in the house. Here’s a small part of my ever growing list – repaint all chipped paintwork, paint the stairs, hang a chandelier, clean the gutters, lay a rug, find more art, sort out the guest room before the holidays on and on I could go. 

All of the above are instant upgrades in themselves but the 2 below are the most drool-worthy:


Image: Lazzaro chandelier 

Anywhere and everywhere. They add instant personality and there are so many amazing ones from ceramic to wood and metal. It’s the quickest way to make any space feel grand oh, and please ignore all that mumbo jumbo about them having to be perfectly proportioned. I say super-size them and then they make the smallest spaces so kick ass! 


Add in new seasonal blooms, beautiful door handles, scent, and little finishing touches that knock spaces out of the park. Sheepskins, art, candles it’s a big game changer.

Image: Luis butterfly chair


Image: Camden Mirror 

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