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Jenni Kayne

Not so long ago on One Kings Lane, there was a house tour of fashion designer Jenni Kayne’s pad. Residing in California, Jenni has created a home that is graceful, modern and rustic – a mash up basically of many styles. It’s a skill combining styles, I find so many people get it wrong because with eclectic decorating you can’t just plonk anything with anything – there has to be a story and cohesion of some sort. It might be through form, texture, scale, but with Jenni it’s the restrained colour palette.

Which brings me nicely to my ultimate TOP TIP. The fewer colours you introduce into a room, the more you can mix a ton of different styles. Do that and you can literally mix anything with absolutely anything! Have a look through the slide show pics and enjoy! I’m especially drawn to her fireplaces and her cosy den. Whilst most of the house is light and bright this room rocks a cosy, intimate feel. I love it!

The best homes in my book don’t follow a formula or trend they just organically happen, they tell a story about the people living there and look like they’ve always been that way. When you decorate in an eclectic fashion you can’t buy the look from any one store (even mine, I hate to say) because it’s that medley of different periods and styles that creates the most amazing spaces. Vintage hanging out with modern, rustic with glam I am the hugest fan. It might take a while to get the finished result but when you do you’ll never be wanting to leave. Unless of course you still don’t have heating or hot water (like me) then you just might!

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