Key Pieces to Invest In

I have pieces in my home that I’ve had for 20 years and hopefully will have for the next 20 years and beyond that. Pieces that have longevity, that stand the test of time no matter the trend and no matter which side of the world I might be living on.  Lighting is the single most important investment you can make – and its got nothing to do with spending zillions on a statement worthy chandelier – as lovely as that might be. I’m talking table lights, pendants, sconces even – it matters not if you live in a rental, if its your first home or your forever home – accent lighting makes the hugest difference and you can take it anywhere. 

Anything super textural rocks my world whether that’s our Saigon Lamp, bobbly Malia Lamps, our super textural Hanoi Lamp or infamous Shaggy Palms. We’ve got lamps wrapped in velvet (Laiflins), pendants crafted from the bark of Kapok trees (Drongos) and super sweet little glass lamps with paper shades (Hue). 

Plop them everywhere and anywhere the localised light from table lamps creates the most beautiful glow.