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I’ve been spending a little bit of time in Sweden recently and actually quite a bit more time there later this year (more on that another time) and I’m picking up little things about the country that are getting under my skin. Like how in winter everything looks and feels magical. Yes there is often snow on the ground but in diminished day light hours everyone just embraces it and makes inside even more beautiful.

In Stockholm, Gem and I noticed lanterns outside all the bars and restaurants, flicking away with the softest light, candles everywhere. We are know all about hygge - the Danish concept of creating a cosy and warm space. Lagom is similar although it’s more about finding the perfect balance.

Here are some tips...

Choose classical looking pieces, that way you will never tire of them and they will never go out of fashion and will always be in your life. For me that’s my George Smith sofa, rocking 16 years and just as comfortable as ever, my concrete Willy Guhl chair, my marble dining and coffee tables, hand thrown vessels, Berber rug, on and on I could go.






Narrow down your colour choices. How many times do I say this a month! The thing is when you decorate with only a few colours your space immediately shouts elegant, sophisticated and beautiful. Plus it will never date!





Add in lots of greenery – greenery automatically makes you happy and get the lighting right. Remember 8-10 lamps in an average sized Victorian room!









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  • Isobel on March 19, 2018

    I love all the greenery, it looks so cosy and great for a pop of colour. Thanks for sharing, time to get Lagom-ing!

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