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Latest Obsessions

One trend I am obsessed with and have been for a while now is introducing
ladders into rooms. From my bathroom where I hang all my bath towels to
kitchens where my ladder props against the wall housing my t-towels, it’s a
simple decorative trick that elevates walls in a nano second. It’s slim profile
makes it perfect for smaller rooms and add to that the softness you get with your
neatly folded bath towels and t-towels and it’s a win win. I’ve also draped
bedspreads off ladders, sheepskin rugs and hats and coats in my hallway.
Told you I was obsessed! If you follow me on Insta you’ll know how I am always
banging on about taking the eye high. When you draw the eye up you add instant
grandeur so adding a ladder is one of the easiest ways of doing this.

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