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I have a confession to make, and it’s not very glamorous… I want a laundry. As in a dedicated laundry room with a walk in drying closet, a sink, some super huge baskets for clothes just like they do in Oz. In fact it’s from being a fan of Australian interiors that has led me to this obsession – separate utility rooms for washing, ironing etc. etc.

Trouble is to make the space for it I would have to convert a potential guest bedroom into my laundry which I’m quite tempted to do! Extra bonus is it means guests can’t stay. I know I know that makes me sound terrible but I would rather they didn’t actually. That way when the M’s and I get up at our crazy early hour to potter and pad around we don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone, do we?

Anyway, I digress. Most of us don’t have laundry rooms, but hell let’s dream. I also reckon you can create one out of a closet, alcove anywhere. I’m determined to get mine out of the kitchen to free up more space. If I do make room for a laundry this is how I’d be upping the game in mine:

Keep it simple. Woven baskets, a sweet little industrial table for folding, lots of work bench space – donezo!

Hide the appliances – when technology goes behind closed doors, rooms look so much cleaner and magazine worthy. I know it’s not quite as practical but who wants practical. Practical sucks! I’d rather open a door to get to the washer than see it permanently out on display.


Photography: Alexander James,

Lastly decorate it like you would your living room just because it’s a practical and simple space doesn’t mean it can’t have cool lighting, the odd piece of art – the works.

Oh and while I’m at it and being such a major laundry neat freak I’ve got some tips that will change your laundry life FOREVER:

  • Chuck a tennis bowl into the dryer when drying pillows, comforters and other similar items. It makes them extra fluffy.
  • If you want to cut down on drying time – throw in a (dry) towel it will cut the time down significantly.
  • Once a year give your washing machine an MOT by running the wash cycle with just hot water and some white vinegar. It cleans up any residue making sure your laundry always looks its best.
  • White chalk or baby powder is the best way to remove grease stains. Just rub the area with it and wash.

OK that’s me and my secret laundry obsession done!


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