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In order to create a great space with a calming ambience, the key is lighting. My pad has lights scattered around everywhere. I can’t bear just overhead lighting. You need to have oodles of lamps and side lights too. People always think I’m crazy to say this, but you really need at least eight light sources in any room – dimmer switches are an absolute must too. It’s all about creating that magical atmosphere of little glowing pools of light dotted around the room. If you’ve used darker colours on your walls and within your furnishings, lots of lighting is essential to ensure your space still breathes.
You can really get creative with your lighting; why not combine different colour-ways/sizes of the same lampshade to create a stunning focal point within your room. I’ve clustered together our Canby Fabric Pendants, which really adds to the room and acts in a decorative way as well as functional. Using your lights in different ways will save on having to use other pieces to create attention. 
Many people leave lighting to the last minute, focusing first on more 'fun' aspects of interior design such as plants, cushions and soft furnishings, but lighting doesn't have to be boring! Why not choose a majestic chandelier for a centrepiece in your pad, such as our Lazzaro or Ballroom lights, which both really make a statement, or even our unique conversation starter Marino Pineapple Chandelier which will add tropical cheer to your place.
I would love to see your spaces, tag your photos on Instagram with #myaastyle to be in with a chance to win an Abigail Ahern voucher. 

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