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There's a big trend towards using paint not just as a backdrop but as as a decorative tool, and a way to make a statement. 






Gloss is being used fir striking effect, as it gives spaces such a contemporary vibe. Take it one step further and paint an accent walk our in gloss and the rest in matte using the same hue. So rather than dragging, rolling or stippling, it's now all about contrasting finishes, whether you are missing and matching colour families or using more of a holistic palette. 





Something I've often done for clients is to paint the ceiling out in a glossy hue, with the walls painted in the same hue in matte. This works beautifully in dining rooms if you happen to suspend a chandelier, the light glimmers, it looks spectacular. 



If you fancy going super-glam, consider lacquering a wall. In which case, it's best to spray the paint as it has to be applied totally smoothly and required multiple coats. 

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