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Making a statement

Big prep day today, Gem is due here in a min (I know its just after 6am) but we have a lot to get through. We’re setting up the shots ready for tomorrow’s shoot and there are a zillion to get through. Hey ho.

Lets talk making a statement. I bang on about this a lot in my design classes, and that is all rooms need some statement kind of pieces. If there is nothing ta da then you’re room will likely read as a big yawn. Conversely if everything is too showy then your room can feel kind of crazy so there is a fine balance!

In other words if everything is special then it kind of reads as nothing is super special make sense? A few statement pieces are the perfect way to go they create drama without overdoing it.

It’s all about the mix

Lets say you have something super large or super ornate or super bright you’ll then want to have quite a few pieces that aren’t as showy It’s all about combining whatever statement piece you have with a load of opposites. If its ornate go simple, if its old go new, if its dark go light, if its bright go neutral This is what makes statement pieces even more statement worthy.

Create balance

I’ve got quite a few statement pieces, oversized art, chandeliers, mirrors, lamps but how I make my space not feel crazy is to pull in the colour palette. Too much colour in a room can feel overwhelming, rein it in and everything looks supremely cool.

Determining your statement piece

Certain pieces like everyday accessories or furniture tend to have supporting roles. I’m talking little occasional tables, coffee tables, a lamp even. The easiest way to create wow factor is through scale I find so once you supersize something it will stand out. It’s hard to create that jaw on the floor feeling if your statement pieces are itty-bitty. Go big or go home is my motto for this year!





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