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Video from The Makers Trading Co.

We are lucky to work with some of the most incredible craftspeople, factories and artisans around the world. Our own-label collection has grown and grown (so much more than I would have thought when we started out just 18 months ago!!), but we still wouldn’t have the best selection of products for you guys without the work of some very talented suppliers too. There’s some things we just can’t do ourselves. So Gem and I have made it our mission to find experts who are pioneering brand new technology for walls and floors, the finest craftspeople in ceramics or textiles, artists who hand-paint wallpapers, suppliers like Maroc Tribal who spend months at at time with tribespeople in the Atlas mountains to source the most beautiful vintage Moroccan rugs, on and on I could go. All incredible talents who more than deserve some time in the spotlight! So I’d really like to lift the lid on some behind the scenes stuff so you can meet the makers, as it were.


First up I’d like to celebrate one of our fragrance studios. Our home fragrances are some of the new products I’m most excited about – nothing is more evocative and enticing than scent. PF Candle Co is an LA studio that sticks close to it’s roots. Everything is handmade and handpoured in their studio, they use domestically grown wax and ingredients, and it’s all run by wife and husband team Kristen Pumphrey & Thomas Neuberger. Even the scents are inspired by their local landscape, with names like “Mohave” and “Golden Coast”, so in lighting one of their candles you can be whisked away as though you’re travelling to the West Coast or deserts. How cool is that?


To discover more of PF Candle Co’s story, check out the video above. As a buyer, it’s great to be able to see how they work and follow the story through from first inspiration to the final packaging. And although I can wax lyrical for days about their scents nothing beats smelling them in person (obviously!), so drop by the store to discover your favourite. My personal all-time fave is Amber & Moss, because for me it conjures up peaceful walks in dripping woods – the scent your feet create striding across a damp wooded forest floor layered with soft oakmoss. So beautiful.


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