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It’s sweltering hot this afternoon, definitely not the right day to be stuck inside working! All I can think of is getting into the pool. Diving right in would be a relief now I can tell you. Instead I’ve been stickybeaking (Aussie slang for having a nose around!) this cool pad in Melbourne. I love the cool, calming, murky colour palette, kind of like a more mid-tones version of all my fave bottom of the lake hues. Not quite as refreshing as plunging into a cold swimming pool, but almost!

Other highlights are the artwork, patterns & totally to die for hydrangea. Very jealous as my poor hydrangeas aren’t enjoying the heat at all and have wilted. Sticking to the fauxs until I get a chance to get back to Columbia Road market.

Anyway, enough yabbering on from me! Enjoy the pics and the sunshine (provided you’ve got a pool or a breeze or even air con I guess, not so much fun for those of us stuck inside).

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