I was very excited recently to be interviewed for Million Dollar Decorating. It’s a podcast run by James Swanson – author and interior designer extraordinaire from across the pond. James celebrates all things design and interiors, and he’s interviewed serious design heavyweights from the likes of Miles Redd and Nick Olsen, to Jaime Derringer, Greg Natale and Bobby McAlpine. So as you can imagine I was pretty chuffed to make the list, to say the least.

We had a great chat in which I pretty much nattered on about everything – what would I do if I had to start from scratch with decorating (first thing – get the paintbrush out, obviously!), the first design decision Gem and I made (when I was 6),which piece would I save from a fire, how I began my career and the whole journey from starting out in the States to opening the store to where we are today! Click on the play button above to listen to my yabbering. Also, be sure to check out and add it to your podcast listen list.

Right, back to the grind! It’s still designing madness here – well into creating my largest collection yet, so we’re kneedeep in samples and fabrics on every surface in the studio. Hey ho. Happy Thursday everybody.