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Many moons ago I used to be the Interiors Ed of a magazine entitled Feng Shui for Modern Living. I think I stuck it for 9 months (one of my not so good career choices). The founder was hugely influenced by the ancient Chinese art and science of energy flow and whilst that is no bad thing, we just couldn’t agree on so many things. I had issues for example of positioning pieces on a shoot in a certain place simply because of the flow when it felt so wrong and worse, looked completely wrong. Nor could I or would I put any turtles on any windowsill, period! We parted ways.









I don’t follow Feng Shui or for that matter any kind of rigid principle that kind of makes me shudder but I do appreciate it and am influenced by certain aspects of it.  I wholeheartedly embrace the mixing of Yin (passive energy) with Yang (active energy) for instance. When you mix yin with yang or masculine with feminine you create tension and spaces feel automatically cooler.  Take the fashion industry and more specifically Jenna Lyons for instance who reformed J Crew with this whole new way of dressing and did it so well with clothes She mixed that borrowed from the boy’s style and mixed it up  with some feminine sensibility and I so love that vibe in fashion and in interiors.





It’s all about getting your interiors to appear effortless but in fact they are carefully considered and take oodles of work. I call it tom girl style and the magic is in the mix.







Step outside your room and take a peak. Does it feel a little dull? Try adding some pattern to up the pizazz. Does it feel too full on? Break it up with some neutrals. Too boring?  Add something black. Too blah play around with scale plonk something to big to something to small. See its easy right? Just remember to mix it up – that way you will always create magic!


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