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It’s that time of year again! I can’t quite get my head round it – this year has truly whizzed by – but actually I’m rather glad we’ve now hit December. For me it means things slow down a tad (hopefully).

That’s on the work front at least, but meanwhile I’ve got all the Christmas prep to get to. I love present buying, but apparently (although I really can’t believe this) I am the hardest person in the world to buy for! I always have to give the family lists otherwise I get constant phone calls that get more and more frantic as the big day approaches. Here in no particular order or priority is what I’m wishing for:

Noise cancelling headphones

I travel a lot and next year looks scarily frantic – especially as I’m not a lover of flying. The diary says a long haul flight every month in the New Year for the next quarter (ugh). Therefore I need better headphones, headphones where I can listen to podcasts or music and not think that I am in a tin can zooming across the globe at break neck speed. (Please please? These were actually on my list last year too… but I’ve been extra good this year so hopefully fingers crossed!)

Cold pressed olive oil

I am a foodie and spend my downtime pottering around the kitchen so cold pressed olive oils are constantly used over salads and so forth and always gratefully received. It’s a nice treat to get an elevated version of an ingredient you use all the time – it makes the everyday much more special in my opinion.

jswrr9bpija-erda-estremeraVoya Lazy Days

A funny one this one, but I’m obsessed with it. The Lazy Days pack is (wait for it) a mesh bag filled with fucus serratus seaweed which you pop in the bath. It detoxifies, soothes, stimulates circulation and is said to improve cellulite and weight loss. Yes please.


Stubby English beeswax candles, Toast

How sweet are these little candles? Dipped in pure beeswax from Yorkshire, subtly scented and beautifully stubby. I want to dot them all over the house!

Japanese chef’s knives, Tojiro

Handmade in Japan from up to 63 layers of deluxe Damascus folded steel they have superior sharpness. There are 19 knives in the range, being the lovely person I am I reckon 6 to 8 would do me just fine, so no need to worry about the whole 19!

Linen bedding, Merci

To say I am obsessed with Merci’s bed linen is an understatement. I love its natural wrinkled look and the fact it’s so so soft. There’s a beautiful sand rose they have recently introduced that would complement my current bedding beautifully.

Subscription to Monocle

I am a little obsessed with Monocle, I listen to all the podcasts from it’s radio station especially the Entrepreneurs, The Sessions and The Menu. I buy the magazine too, but only when I remember to so to have a subscription to the mag would be fabulous. It’s so much more than just global affairs, business, culture and design. Stories are reported in depth from around the globe and as they so rightly say they ‘keep an eye and an ear on the world’. Always inspiring!

1422x2040-fit-swl2-sug-01Cashmere shawl, Hush

I’m lusting after anything made of light cashmere because it’s perfect for business trips. It keeps me warm on a plane and (weirdly) in hot countries when the aircon is cranked right up! It doesn’t crease and is super cosy and still chic.

So there you have it! I thought it might be interesting to compare notes for Christmas day – what are you hoping finds its way to you under the tree?

Photo by Valentina Fussel,

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