19 Nov


Wooster Olive interiorsI am quite mean to my bathroom. I dash in and out without spending much time there, all the spare stock and samples that I need to keep around get shoved there and the bath has even been used to house moss terrariums and new botanicals! To say it’s a bit unloved would be an understatement with you to be honest, in that I hate it. Whenever I post images of it no one really gets why I do, but I do. Simple as.

It’s one of those things where I’ve never been 100% happy with it, and there’s been issues for so long that things which started off as just little niggles grow into HUGE problems in my mind. By now I can’t even see the good stuff anymore (and there are some good things really, like the neo-baroque wire chandelier that I’m still obsessed with), instead I just want rid of the lot. Sometimes you just go off things right? Trouble is that if there are structural things you don’t like about bathrooms or kitchens you can’t really change one thing without setting off a massive domino of scary, expensive, messy renovations. Ho hum. But if I had time and deep pockets I would blow the bathroom up and start again! On the next few pages are what I’ve been dreaming of, and will get round to… one day.

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