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Kitchen design hacks

In my next life, I want a pantry, one that I can pop into with jars of things fermenting and pickled, I’ve plucked from the garden. Then I want endless prep space, two open fires and a centre island made of brass!

Back to reality, I’m not actually doing a full Reno just yet in that space (we have bathroom issues to deal with first) but I still want that space too feel cool. Here are some tips to make kitchens beautiful:


Throw in a mobile unit on wheels or some kind of bar trolley. It seriously ups the decorating stakes and can be used as a bar for bottles, blooms, recipe books that sort of thing.

Knock your kitchen units back

I’ve painted mine out not exactly the same colour as my walls but near enough and that way the eye goes to all the cool stuff in the kitchen like the rugs, chandelier, art, condiments – easiest decorating trick on the planet.

Throw in some table lamps

I hate practical kitchen spaces and instead think they can be knocked out of the park when you introduce some living room items like lamps on counters. Especially for open plan kitchens that spill into other rooms it makes the biggest difference.

If you want your kitchen to feel super-swanky reign in the colour palette and reduce the number of hues going on in the room. It will instantly feel more sophisticated.

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