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I am obsessed with drab. The word itself, and the hues and mood it evokes. Drab, murky, silty, sludgy, dirty, hazy type hues are my idea of heaven. Does that make me sound crazy do you think? The New York Times ran an article called Delightfully Drab recently with this strapline “the English have long known what most Americans don’t: drab walls bring out the best in a room”. How true!



People tend to fall into two general camps I think when it comes to decorating. Those who love tons of colour and those that like no colour at all. Well, call me the one that stands alone but neither of these excites me much. I get the happiest rush when I walk into a store or a home that’s painted in a sludgy hue. It’s embracing colour, yes – but the beautiful, murky, “can’t quite put your finger on it” shades. Not an explosion of different rainbow brights or a stark monochrome home. Neither of those could make me happy, it’s drab darks all the way for me!

Obviously these were the colours I gravitated towards when it came to making my own paint range a few years ago, and I’ve dedicated a whole chapter in COLOUR to them! I thought it might be too out there, but our paints are now our bestsellers and are taking over big-time… I see new converts to the dark side everyday, and Homebase has just started stocking the paints too which I’m so excited about.



Why am I so obsessed? I think its because all those hues above are such background grounding colours. Inherently tasteful there is nothing blingy or saccharine about them and you can mix them with anything – neon’s, brights, paler hues. Metallics pop, everything has a cooler background… including you! As I said to a journalist once (only partially tongue in cheek) with these hues you look cooler, skinnier and more beautiful. What more can I say!

Abi Paint008_0113_


However I digress (as always). This year I want to introduce some more paint colours in to the collection. Staying very much within the AA palette of drab, murky, intriguing hues. In fact I was thinking maybe more browns… quite dungy hues! I actually thought about a weekend collecting dung so I can look at all the different colours – music to Mungo’s ears who loves to eat it – is that too much information – sorry? So in case I’ve gone mad here – possible – I’d love to hear from you guys which shades you’d like to see. Anyone on my social feeds will know I’m very much into having you guys as part of my committee whereby I’ll toss out ideas and you all amazingly give me feedback. Books or no books in our new store was the last question I asked you all – needless to say everyone said yes, so books it is.



I’d also like to take the opportunity to say thanks to everyone. We are passionate here at AA about creating a community and I feel I have the best one around. Through the blog, through social, even comments we get in the shop – the engagement I get from you guys shapes the vision of my company in so many ways. I find it inspiring and helpful so thanks so much. It’s pretty darn amazing to have that sort of support, and rather than resting on my laurels it means I’m always motivated to move on to the next thing. So if you have a second do tell me what sort of hues you would love to see. I’m thinking about introducing about 6 or so new colours and would love your feedback. Big thank you in advance!

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