14 Jun


I’m so excited to announce my new paint range is finally here! Thank you to you guys for being so patient. From hushed tones that are muted and complex to intense, inky saturated colours, these timeless sophisticated tones have magical powers. Apply them to walls and furniture and see how transformative they are. Discover foundation hues that work beautifully alone but also harmoniously with each other. Earthy and impactful they exaggerate cosiness and give you a home that your never want to leave with their luxurious, velvety effect. 

The paint is made from pigments of the Earth, giving them a deep complexity which you just can’t find with synthetic paints; each shade changes slightly depending on the light. 

The shades include:

FOG – a beautiful pinky, grey shade inspired by my long rambles across Hyde Park with the M’s.

BAKED CLAY – the perfect backdrop to anything and everything, inspired by the houses on the backstreets of Sydney.

BURNT UMBER – a warm and intriguing hue, inspired by an exhibition I saw on the late works of Rembrandt.

PEAT – a beautiful brown hue which exudes cosiness.

OATMEAL – a warm yet calming oat-y taupe hue.

RAW PLASTER – a serene and muted light blush which sits beautifully with Hudson Black.

THUNDER – a dynamic and adventurous hue, inspired by my travels in rainy Asia.

CINDER – a strong yet soft shade which is the perfect background shade for any space.

SMOKE – ideal for moody rooms where you want to create a cosy ambience.

PICKLE - classic and elegant this soft hue adds instant drama as well as a warm sophisticated edge.


 View the full range here

Please do tag any posts you feature them in with #abigailaherncolour, I would so love to see them in your pads!


  • Megan Jenson
    October 08, 2018

    Beautiful combination. Thank you for sharing :)

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