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My number one tip for growing your biz

Something I am personally passionate about is my biz column posts on Fridays. Last year I asked you guys if you wanted it to stay or go and I was delighted at your overwhelming response to keep it. Having run my business for well over 14 years I know only too well how tough it can be. I so wish all those years back there were blogs and biz columns helping me along the way. More than anything I want these posts to work almost like a mentor – by sharing my professional journey with all the insights I’ve gained along the way (hiccups, setbacks and successes) but more importantly making you guys feel that you can follow your dreams and goals.

No matter what business you have (from a stall in a farmers market, to a chain of 100 plus stores) to make it successful and to continue to make it successful you’ll need  one major thing as the head honcho – to believe in yourself..

Successful business people have to be multi talented and have to wear different hats from project managing to risk taking, to designing to understanding the numbers and that’s not even scratching the surface. The biggest most important thing to have by the bucket load is to have confidence in you. I happen to think that women in general feel less empowered than men and that can hold us back. Can you imagine if you put all your doubts on the back-burner and parked them there for a bit? If you believed in your very own ability and upped your self-belief barometer just a tad – I think you could change your life.

I know you’re probably thinking this all sounds super smoltzy and not possible but that’s what I’ve done. I never thought we would have our own label because it seemed way too big a dream. I knew I had a good eye when it came to buying from other suppliers but to do it myself – forget it. At least that’s what I would have said a few years back.

A few things happened to change all that though. I was finding less and less at trade shows and we were being copied too much. On a plane back from Frankfurt I literally said to Gem we’re doing this ourselves and it’s going to go two ways – succeed or fail. Too much money was, and is, involved so I always knew it would either elevate us or pull us under. We rolled the dice, it kept me awake at night but I felt empowered and alive, it terrified me and excited me at the same time. It drove me insanely crazy at times to be honest, but also made me deliriously happy. Now when I look back I honestly think we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. There are now so many things I want to do to take and make this business bigger and better.

Now along the way there has been some serious set backs and it’s been a big learning curve, but it has changed the way I think. I think in much bigger terms these days. The sky is literally the limit! If there is one message I want to send this January it’s to believe in yourself – because when you do the world suddenly becomes a much bigger more exciting place.

To change your destiny and therefore your life you have to believe and back yourself. Destiny is so not a matter of chance or luck – it’s a matter of choice. So what I’m trying to say is don’t wait for things to happen, don’t complain and grumble about them, follow that path, the world as they say is your oyster! Too preachy for the first biz column of 2016 do you think?

Hope not.



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