My perfect hotel
02 Jul

My perfect hotel

Getting involved with the hospitality industry is something that I find fasinating, working on the spa for the Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach was a dream job. Now I am partnering with Mal Maison a chain of boutique hotels - more on that exciting venture in weeks to come . This post is all about what makes a fabulous hotel and why are there so few good ones and squillions of bad bland boring ones!

I want to book into a hotel that is quirky, intimate, luxurious at the same time unpretentious and laid back (no matter how big they may be) offering me an enviroment that I wouldn’t find anywhere else. Why oh why the homogeneity of the large hotel groups – big can be beautiful too!

If I owned a hotel I would want to blow people away, elevate their experience and create a new kind of place for hanging out with a design that is effortless without pretension or artifice. So I shall start saving the pennies and who knows by the time I am 90 I may become a hotelier!!! In the meantime hats off to Nick Jones and Ian Schrager for pushing the boundaries of what hotels are all about.


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