28 Sep


Thank you, thank you to everyone who entered the What’s my Style? comp. So many cool (and super flattering!) descriptions – evocative, imaginative and just wonderful to read. Thanks guys – I actually kept the competition open longer just because the comments were still flooding in and I loved reading them all!

But now without further ado I would like to announce our winner, Tanya. She summed up my interiors as:


That’s incredible! I need to get myself some diamond-encrusted cowboy boots now just to live up to Tanya’s description. Thank you so much, your gift voucher prize is winging it’s way to you! And because there were just so many fab entries I’ve actually chosen a runner up too.

A cowboy-kicking cornucopia of crystal cool (with cashmere socks on).

So congrats to Kate, our runner-up. I’m noticing a bit of a cowboy theme! A £30 gift voucher is on it’s way to you too.

Oh and if you want help sussing out your own style, take our quiz to figure out the Autumn interior vibes that are right for you.

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