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My Winter Book List

I’ve constantly got a list on my desk of books that I need to read, new releases, old releases, stuff on my radar, interiors inspired, foodie inspired with a bit of gardeining thrown in.  Nothing better on a lazy Sunday afternoon that lighting a fire and diving into these fabulous tomes.


East London Homes by Sarah Bagner

Sarah has stepped through the doors of some of the most exciting homes in East London (known the world over for its creativity). Architects, musicians, restaurateurs, designers, myself included open up our homes showcasing our eclectic style.


This is Home, by Natalie Walton

This sits on my coffee table, I love it so much and adore everything Natalie does. Beautiful photography, transporting stories filled with things that makes the heart skip a beat.


The Alchemy of Things by Karen McCartney

Can’t wait to dip into this a book rich in layers, super decorative and start the exploration of 18 global creatives who whimsically and beautifully curate their home.



Inspiration and beauty in gardens near and far by Claire Takacs

I’ve love gardening, used to hate it but that I realize is because I had the dullest garden. Now I’ve changed it around I love it. It can feel like a minefield gardening but the best way to start is to be inspired by others and this book showcases gardens all over the world. Perfect!


30 Minute Vegetarian

100 Green Recipes to Prep in 30 Minutes or Less by Ylva Bergqvist

Quick to prepare, impossible to resist with recipes inspired by travels from around the world. Cannot wait to get tuck into this. Portobello Burgers with Truffle Bean Cream anyone?


Happy cooking!

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