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New column on the blog launching soon

I have been a little bit blown away from the response to my business columns each and every Friday, so much so that I am now thinking of turning Fridays into an all-day biz day. I have this idea for a new column to run each Friday morning before the normal biz column in the afternoon, and wanted to run the idea via you guys to see what you think?

Entitled #MyBizStory and starting in November, I wanted this column to feature anyone with a business or thinking of starting one.  We would drill down into the challenges, adversity, hurdles, successes and so forth. I would so love to hear from you if you are a business owner or entrepreneur or just staring out with a dream – your story so far basically. We’ll feature it across all our media channels to our international database, to inspire, motivate and ignite others into following their dreams and starting their very own business, as well as raising the profile of yours at the very same time.

Email us at with the subject line #MyBizStory.

I look forward to hearing from you

Also just a heads up on our online Retail Class, it closes shortly as we are nearly full. It starts on the 27th October, and I’m really excited to get going!



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