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New flowers just in

I’m excited to show you our new range of faux’s for the holiday season just in. Oodles of foliage, tons of fat headed flowers, a whole load of plants, bouquets as well as wreaths, in the most divine colour palettes, as the slide show illustrates they are some of the most amazing blooms we’ve had, ever!  From deepest green to powdery pinks to some intoxicating shots of red.  Nailed I reckon. My favourite if you to had to really pin me down, Gem’s bouquets, the fat headed aliums, the peach chrysanths, the hydrangea’s, actually I can’t chose I’m stopping there! As Red Magazine said so beautifully about us we are “the Chanel of faux flowers”.

Gem is now in store every Monday for the rest of the holiday season should you need her services to create the most fantastic bespoke arrangements. We are also holding a Wreath Making Masterclass in store where you can join Gem and I for an exclusive shopping event on the evening of December 3. Under her tutorship  you can make your your very own bouquet on the night and take it away with you all whilst sipping champagne, hanging out with the two of us and getting the low down on how to create voluptuous flower arrangements just in time for the holidays!

Exciting (spaces though are very limited)!

Happy holidays I say!


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