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Gemma and I have been thinking of taking our Design Class to a new destination. We loved Melbourne and Sydney and want to do it all over again – madness, we know.

I asked the question on Instagram too and I am toying with the idea of America – although this is purely me thinking aloud. What do you guys think?

For my house crush this week, I am actually going to do a city crush. Yes, it is my beloved New York. Some the places I adore in New York, which if I were to list them all, it would eventually turn into an encyclopaedia. So, instead, I am going to cherry pick three places.

If there is one thing you do in New York, it’s walk.  Walk everywhere and keep your eyes open. The best of New York City design is the street life. The shop windows deserve your attention. The door colours. The people. The fashion. The interiors. Soak it all in.

First off, you guys all know I am big foodie AND there is nothing I love more than an amazing breakfast / brunch spot. Coffee is so important too. The Egg Shop is the place I want to magically escape to now. The brainchild of husband/wife team Sarah Schneider and Demetri Makoulis, inspired by the incredible versatility of the egg, the team went on to develop infinite ‘egg-centric’ (sorry couldn’t resist it) dishes that are both familiar and nuanced.

Image from habit & home


Finding somewhere to stay in New York is a great excuse to swoon over beautiful interiors. It is a great way to learn about the city too and discover new places that are popping up. I would love to stay at the Wythe Hotel, which used to be a factory on the Williamsburg waterfront. The whole style of the place is industrial meets contemporary with a three-story glass and aluminum structure to the original rooftop to boot!

Image by Workstead

Image by Modlar

Last, but by no means last, the street life. The flow of the city. The little stores to discover and the constant beat to the city. Everyone has their own New York story and these three are only scratching the surface of all my fav places.

View from the Mandarin, New York

Aesop, New York store

 There are so many places to explore. Where are your top place to visit in the Big Apple?


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