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Norwegian cool

It’s #AAHouseCrush day which I love.  Nothing better than having a snoop around other people’s cool pads (albeit virtual snooping!) and this one blew me away. Ida (@idaillustrates) lives in Norway and the minute you poke your nose into the images you will feel as I did cocooned and snug! I especially love Ida’s living room and kitchen, they feel so cozy. Proof that blues don’t have to be cold. She also gets creative with some unexpected flowers and foliage like thistles and eucalyptus, love it.

The thing I love about decorating in an eclectic fashion is how each of our homes are unique and reflect us, they’re not following a formula or  trends or decorating by numbers they are individual, intriguing and fabulous. Thank you so much Ida for posting in and I seriously think you should send in images of your pad to magazines to feature. Or if there are any editors reading this… hinthint, this is totally fabulous!


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