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Open Call – Leigh Unwin’s whimisical wall decor


Leigh Unwin sent me an email a while ago about her sculpture. She lives on the West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand. and from here in her workshop she creates these guys! I was drawn in by their instant personality, crafted from newspaper, old sheets and clay,  drawing inspiration from children’s books  these fantastical paper sculptures pack a visual punch.   Apparently it all started when Leigh found herself without employment for an extended period of time and  this is the first time anybody has really seen them. Fresh out of the studio they haven’t been marketed as yet so I am sure she would love to here any comments you guys might have.

When you have a dream and when you’ve worked so hard on something the tough part is putting it out there and letting go one of the reasons why Open Call is so important to me. Your idea could be a new one, you could be an existing business it matters not, if you want to be featured here with your work showcased across our other social media channels then please email

Thanks Leigh for sending your work in and if anybody should want to get in contact with her then Leigh’s email is

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