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Open Call: Meet Shay Spaniola from Bunglo

For this weeks Open Call let me introduce you to Shay Spaniola. Shay founded Bunglo,  an Austin based design studio  in 2013.    Shay designs all the fabric patterns and illustrations with ink watercolours and acrylics and her collections are inspired by her travels to foreign cultures. Shay’s travelled to over 35 counties already and she’s only 26! Pretty cool no?

There is specific focus on the spirituality of the East which I’ll think you agree shines through.  This beautiful collection of water coloured pillows has an essence about it that is both calming and intriguing at the same time.

Before starting Bunglo in 2013, Shay was a visual lead at Anthropologie, which gave her a deep understanding of retail merchandise and how to best package products for contemporary and eclectic homes. She also spent time traveling all over the world as a photo journalist, which is where her  inspiration to start Bunglo first started.

​Shay and the rest of the her team are now working towards expanding their lines into even bigger markets and will be collaborating with some big name partners, not bad for  a brand that launched only a few years ago hey!
Thanks Shay for emailing in and special thanks to Stefano Choi for the studio images.


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